PetroMall is an energy consultancy dedicated to ensuring the supply of natural resources required is undertaken in a responsible and professional manner across different countries, improving the economics of prospective and existing projects.

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PetroMall is a proud stakeholder in Africa's first online-only postgraduate university.

The Virtual University of Uganda (VUU) is a distance learning facility based in Kampala, Uganda. The University is fully licensed by the Uganda National Council for Higher Education. As the first online-only postgraduate university in Africa, PetroMall is proud to play a significant role in the technological revolution in education in Africa.

VUU offers tailor-made postgraduate qualifications in Public Health, ICT for Development, Business Administration, and International Development for busy professionals who cannot take time off work to study full-time. The University also offers an MBA with Oil and Gas specialisation.


VUU can be a conduit to help boost your local content requirements in Africa. Through VUU, we can train your staff in management skills to supplement their existing petroleum engineering skills, and also provide contacts with local oil and gas experts or recent graduate students.


Consultancy projects are led by Greg Coleman, a former head of investor relations and HSE and security with BP (among other roles), David Bamford, a former head of exploration with BP and director of Tullow and Premier Oil (among other roles), Christopher Lloyd, a former commercial manager with Reef Subsea and offshore operations manager with Statoil, and Karl Jeffery, editor and founder of Digital Energy Journal, the world’s leading upstream digital technology magazine.


PetroMall works in a partnership arrangement with four leading industry publications and events companies – Finding Petroleum (events mainly in London on exploration issues), Digital Energy Journal (publication on upstream digital technology in oil and gas), Carbon Capture Journal (carbon capture and storage), and Tanker Operator (deep sea tanker shipping).


PetroMall works closely with the Virtual University of Uganda, a distance learning university in Kampala, Uganda, with courses particularly geared to training management, engineering and oil and gas degree level courses to students across Africa and the Middle East. VUU is able to help oil and gas companies meet ‘local content’ requirements to have a certain number of qualified staff from the country of operations. It can also provide management training to complement employee’s existing petroleum engineering training.