Can we help you improve safety and manage risk using digital technology?

Petromall helps guide your company through the digital technology coming on the market which promises to help improve safety. 


PetroMall believes that people, not machines, ultimately make an operation safe. Machines might be safer than people in highly predictable environments such as driverless trains or autonomous vehicles, but in complex oil and gas environments, with something new happening every day, only a person can fully understand and judge the changing risks involved. Computers can manage information but they cannot be relied upon to provide an overall picture of risk.

In our experience, people need to be in the right mindset; alert to new risks, but not so stressed that they become quickly exhausted. Technology can do a great deal to support, guide and reduce the mental processing workload of tasks which people do.

We have worked with some excellent examples of technology that can do a great deal to scan large data volumes. In one example, we found one sensor out of over 3,000 on a client's facility that was giving a different reading to normal, possibly indicating a fault or emerging problem. We worked to investigate the anomaly and ultimately reduce the risk of false-positive alarms.

We have also worked with a client using wearable computers on site, improving technicians' access to data in the field in a hands-free system.

Contact us to learn about how we can work with your organisation to optimise your safety technology.


PetroMall is an energy consultancy dedicated to ensuring the supply of natural resources required is undertaken in a responsible and professional manner across different countries, improving the economics of prospective and existing projects.

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