PetroMall Insights 4 - Squeezing more value from reservoirs in production from better use of data

Updated: Jul 11, 2018

Issue 4 of PetroMall Insights has now been released, featuring some great new insights from PetroMall and our associates. the list of topics includes:

  • David Bamford of PetroMall - Integrating and analysing multi-physics - the key to improving production?

  • Hugo Ruiz, Vice President G&G, Octio - Measuring gravity, subsidence and seismic on the seabed

  • Seabed Geosolutions – recording seismic on the seabed

  • Silixa – using fibre optics in wells to measure seismic

  • Exa and BP – get relative permeability from a digital rock sample

  • iRes – Geo: Improving understanding of reservoir behaviour using seismic

  • Kes Heffer - looking at well interference

  • Paradigm k – a new cloud-based system for production engineers

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