PetroMall Insights 5 - Improving Production from Mature Fields

Updated: Jul 3, 2018

This month we have the fifth issue of PetroMall Insights! This issue focuses on mature fields and ways to extend their life further and improve production rates.

  • Tim Highfield and Turlough Cooling, io – developments “starting with the end in mind”

  • Daniel Baltar, Fox Geo - Exploration - is there much more oil in stratigraphic traps?

  • Reducing drilling costs with managed pressure drilling – and better subsea pumps

  • David Steed, Crondall Energy – floating production buoy to support small pool development

  • Chris Wheaton - What does a “factory approach” for offshore mean?

  • Rob Gill, PetroMall Associate – reducing costs of new offshore developments

The issue can be downloaded here.


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