Can we help you better plan late life management, including small pool development and decommissioning?

As oil and gas fields come to the end of their lives, risk management gets extremely complicated, with just about every factor of oil and gas operations and the supply chain playing a role:


  • Establishing the life left in individual wells and reservoirs,

  • Evaluating adjacent small pools for development,

  • Developing EOR strategies to improve recovery,

  • Finding new sources of investment and how should it be managed (debt or equity),

  • Assessing the condition of the facilities and required maintenance / modification work moving forwards,

  • Development of a decommissioning strategy.

We can put together a team of people with expertise in all aspects of late life operations to help assess the risks and develop the right pathways forward, and work out how to keep your investors on board. We can also provide individuals into your organisation to provide specialist advice on ways to use new technology on old assets to extend their life, managing such assets in a sustainable manner and when the time comes, how to decommission them safely and economically.

PetroMall has worked with several large stakeholders since 2015 on how to plan a strategic exit from late life regions and with new investors on evaluating late life assets. We have also worked with insurance brokers and underwriters on dedicated policies to cover decommissioning operations.

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