The most critical element to the overall profitability of a natural resources project.

The oil and gas industy has changed in terms of what it is looking for – described by one oil major representative as a move to “gas and advantaged oil.” This means a different approach from geophysical contractors to what has been done in the past, which was largely looking for frontier oil.


From now on, geophysical contractors might find themselves winning more business if they can help oil companies better understand mature areas such as the North Sea (and identify oil which may have been passed over), and identifying where there might be gas which was previously overlooked in the hunt for oil. We can help geophysical companies identify areas where the existing seismic is low quality (or at least, not made with today’s best available technology) and there could be a business case for a new survey.

The key obligation of any worthy oil and gas company is in de-risking prospects, appraisal well locations and even a development well program. Today’s challenges of optimisation of capital and well numbers, types of wells, recovery factor remain as complex as ever.

Petromall's experience and ability to integrate data and insight into field development planning is world class. A contingency planning at a level appropriate to the risk is a requirement commonly overlooked by the unenlightened operator of venture.

The oil and gas geophysics industry is going through a reset at the moment, as its clients - oil and gas companies - switch away from deepwater and frontier, and move towards mature reservoirs and onshore.

Key issues to date, among others, include: how do companies reset and realign their exploration strategy in line with future cash flow expectations from operations and new projects, and how exploration fits within an overall portfolio.

Has the E & P Company got the skills and financial backing to support a risk-based approach to make investors believe there is depth and contingency to the geological ideas being pursued? 

Through our combined knowledge and experience we are able to teach these key issues to help companies benefit and grow. 

This does not mean that the expensive seismic vessels and other assets need to be laid up though - because they can be put to different uses.


There are many mature reservoirs, including in the North Sea, which do not have as good seismic coverage as they could do.


There are also many onshore reservoirs which would benefit from better seismic. Land seismic has a reputation for high cost, and there are ways to do it at lower cost, or get better fidelity at the same cost.


Geophysics companies could also broaden their range of services. Geophysics does not merely need to mean seismic processing, it can also mean integrating data and offering new types of data. Also working better with dynamic data.


Petromall consultants, with a background in both geophysics and business, can help you to explore new business models and see how they might work.


We can help you work out your geophysics strategy in today's complex changing environment.

PetroMall can help you find new ways to use your seismic assets, apply geophysics expertise into new areas of the upstream industry and work better with non-seismic geophysics data.


PetroMall can put together a team to help you on your fractured reservoir project, offering expert advice and understanding about how to move forwards on your project and bring it to sanction.

Can we help you find and develop fractured reservoirs?


Many oil and gas companies could do far more with their subsurface data if they could integrate it all together. But it is very hard to do because all of the data describes something different.

We can help you develop workflows and technical solutions to build a unified model for all of your subsurface data.


Land seismic surveying is thought to be much more expensive than offshore seismic - PetroMall believes this should not be the case!

We have helped companies to improve their onshore seismic surveying quality through new technology, intelligent data management and a much closer control and understanding of the seismic process.


PetroMall is an energy consultancy dedicated to ensuring the supply of natural resources required is undertaken in a responsible and professional manner across different countries, improving the economics of prospective and existing projects.

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