Floating Production, Storage and Offoading

Can we help you with your FPSO plan?

Petromall is exploring ways that FPSOs can be built and operated at much lower cost.


We have a deep relationship with the deep sea tanker shipping market, through our partner magazine Tanker Operator. The tanker shipping sector has a surplus of large hulls and has competence in providing skilled seafarers who operate vessels at much lower cost. Bringing the tanker shipping sector’s expertise to floating production makes sense.

Most of the reason for the high cost of FPSOs is in the processing and as PetroMall found in our study on mature fields technology, there are designs for much simpler floating buoys with greatly reduced topsides equipment. Floating production equipment is easier to decommission as well; taking full lifecycle costs into consideration, working with inexpensive FPSOs could make it viable to get small pools into production, which would be unviable otherwise.

Petromall has experts who have worked in deep sea tanker shipping operations, offshore operations and FPSOs specifically, who can help you assess your plans for using FPSOs, find lower cost options, and develop them into real solutions. Contact us to get started.


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