Helping operators manage or acquire mature assets and optimise them for late life management and decommissioning.

North West Europe remains a dynamic part of the world for the oil and gas industry, and an world leader in the area of technology development for the offshore industry.


In the past, large International Oil Companies (IOCs) dominated, bidding and charging into large reservoirs. Now many IOCs are focussing on more frontier provinces and while venture capital money is entering, difficult decisions about decommissioning are being made, yet there are still reservoirs which are only 30 per cent produced, fractured reservoirs which are little understood, and new possibilities such as steam driven production and offshore fracking.

There are also new options for business models, such as setting up new fields a standalone ventures which companies 'invests in' so that its debt does not sit on the company balance sheet.

PetroMall experts have decades of understanding of North West European fields and well placed to help organisations understand whether their current project proposal represents a satisfactory business opportunity, and what the options might be.

We can also help operators and venture capital organisations work with seismic data and other information in new ways to explore different business opportunities, including innovative field development plans, stranded reserves and more.


PetroMall helps organisations make better use of available software tools to better understand petroleum systems, identify risks and help build strategies to manage them.


Let PetroMall help you understand your petroleum system better.


PetroMall can put together a team to help you on your fractured reservoir project, offering expert advice and understanding about how to move forwards on your project and bring it to sanction.

Learn how PetroMall can help you find and develop fractured reservoirs and extend field life.


PetroMall has worked with large operators since 2015 on how to plan strategic exits from late life regions and with new investors on evaluating late life assets for purchase. We have also worked with insurance brokers and underwriters on dedicated policies to cover decommissioning operations.


PetroMall consultants are experts in planning late life asset management and can help your organisation with small pool development, Enhanced Oil Recovery and decommissioning.


Several PetroMall consultants have previously been CEOs, COOs, Senior VPs and heads exploration for major International Oil Companies. We work closely with investors and banks to provide advice for M&A proposals, performing due diligence work and asset evaluation.

Learn how Petromall can enhance the value of your M&A proposal.


PetroMall is an energy consultancy dedicated to ensuring the supply of natural resources required is undertaken in a responsible and professional manner across different countries, improving the economics of prospective and existing projects.

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