Can we help advise your proposed Egypt acquisition?

PetroMall's experience in Egypt covers the main producing hydrocarbon basins: the Gulf of Suez, the western desert, and the latest developments in the eastern Mediterranean basins. The largest Egyptian discovery is the Zohr field which came onstream at the end of 2017 and was developed by ENI, Rosneft and BP. The field, with potential resources in excess of 30 trillion Trillion cubic feet (TCF) of gas in place, started-up in less than two and a half years from the discovery and quickly ramped up to producing over 1 billion cubic feet (BCF) per day; a record time for a field of this size in deep waters.

There are many acquisition and disposal opportunities in the country, with the key issues in Egypt being receipt of funds, operational integrity, and local capability and talent.

PetroMall has experts who have been involved in all aspects of Egyptian operations, including exploring the subsurface risk assessment, buying and selling oilfields, working with the host government, and meeting local content requirements. We can help you assess whether a proposed acquisition in Egypt will work, what the cash flow challenges might be, and whether you can make a profitable venture out of it. Our experts include former regional CEOs and COOs as well as technical specialists who have particularly worked in the local basins.


Ask us if you would like us to help you unravel some of the mysteries of E&P in Egypt!


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