Can we help you build an E&P business in East Africa?

We at PetroMall think East Africa might be the most exciting current growth area in the world - particularly for natural gas - from Somalia to Mozambique, although at one time both South and East Africa saw little or no exploration. Improvements in energy demand, market friendly regulations, seismic imaging and increased knowledge of source rock geochemistry indicates significant potential for both natural gas. The industry is now looking at a huge gas province offshore Mozambique and Tanzania and a rift valley oil province in Uganda and Kenya.  Renewable energy such as hydro, geothermal, solar and wind power is becoming critical to supply energy to support economic growth.
But there are big challenges, including geological uncertainty, meeting local content requirements, obtaining appropriate equipment and working with local governments. Here, PetroMall can help.
PetroMall consultants are former CEOs, COOs and senior exploration executives with long expertise in East Africa and can advise you on the best way forward. We work with local content providers such as the Virtual University of Uganda (Nexus Univerisity) to provide skills and training in the region and improve the economics of prospective and existing projects.

Get in touch with PetroMall and let us help you build your energy business in East Africa. 


PetroMall is an energy consultancy dedicated to ensuring the supply of natural resources required is undertaken in a responsible and professional manner across different countries, improving the economics of prospective and existing projects.

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