Unlocking prospects in the complex African region. 

EAST AFRICA, SENEGAL, EGYPT - An emerging body of investment opinion believes that frontier markets offer the best investment opportunities the world has to offer - but of course the risks can be high and there are many uncertainties. 


Senegal has seen some of the largest discoveries of recent years, Egypt is seeing a boom in trading of assets, and East African companies offer a great deal of undeveloped potential, particularly in natural gas and renewables.

We can also companies meet local content requirements through Nexus International University, formerly the Virtual University of Uganda, which Petromall manages. The University provides management courses specifically for oil and gas as well as and petroleum engineering courses to improve the technical profile of the African workforce.

PetroMall has helped organisations work with available software and other technology to get a better understanding of reservoirs and explore business opportunities. 


If your organisation is building an energy business in East Africa, PetroMall can provide support. Our consultants have experience as geologists, engineers and managers in Africa, and we offer further assistance through our link with VUU.

Learn more about our energy experience in East Africa and how it can benefit your organisation.


Petromall has experts who have been involved in all aspects of Egyptian operations, including geology, buying and selling oilfields, working with the host government, and meeting local content requirements.

Let us help you increase the value of your proposed Egypt acquisition.


PetroMall has C-level personnel with experience evaluating exploration potential, developing exploration strategies, and preparing for onshore and offshore developments. We can also help you meet your local capability requirements through our relationship with Virtual University of Uganda.


Learn about how we help you find and develop your oilfields in Senegal.


Can we provide advice for your asset acquisitions and disposals? PetroMall offers:

  • Risk assessment

  • Due Diligence

  • Development Plans

  • Exploration Strategy


The Virtual University of Uganda is a fully licensed higher education establishment based in Kampala. It is the first online-only postgraduate university in Africa, and PetroMall is proud to play a significant role in this technological educational revolution.

VUU provides accredited Masters Programmes, short courses and leadership training. Talk to us about meeting your local content requirements.


Our consultants have worked for National Oil Companies (NOCs), advised government departments on regulatory frameworks and helped write national energy policies.

We can work with your NOC organisation or Energy Ministry  to develop the natural resources in your country in a responsible manner.


PetroMall is an energy consultancy dedicated to ensuring the supply of natural resources required is undertaken in a responsible and professional manner across different countries, improving the economics of prospective and existing projects.

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