Petromall is a unique oil and gas advisory service which prides itself on technical excellence in selected fields and supplementing business management and leadership; in the face of uncertainty.

We offer truthful, professional opinion and advice; no playback of what you already know, and no spin.

Petromall was founded by 4 senior industry and academic practitioners who consider the challenges faced by today’s oil and gas environment are going to require herculean acts of leadership and technical skill in the high cost provinces of the world, in order to maintain an industry that is sustainable and even recognisable compared to recent history.

Similarly nations developing an oil and gas industry face related challenges as they seek to maximise the benefits of this new wealth-creating opportunity -  in a responsible manner.

Global reach

Petromall actively participates in the facilitation and conduct of seminars worldwide, in conjunction with its associate partner Finding Petroleum.

Our presence reaches parts of the globe, such as: the UK, Malta, the USA, through partners in the Middle East, North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa.