PetroMall offers access to a network of experiences associates and global experts.

All Associates involved have reputable international experience and a vast knowledge in their discipline, wit the majority possessing their own companies.

Petromall's Associates are driven by their ethics, management and team leadership skills. They are committed to sharing their expertise in project delivery, involving innovation where appropriate, strategy development and delivery and decision making. Similarly, they are committed to the transfer of understanding to help bridge the generational gap that exists within the industry and put relevant science and engineering back into every decision made.

It is through the cross disciplines of the many Petromall Associates, and Petroall's integration skills, augmented by partner companies with equivalent standards, ambitions and reputations, that value and integrity is truly added to the mission and principles. By doing this, Petromall and its Associates are able to provide through it's understanding an ability to ensure that risks are as low as possible through taking the best decision. 

The generic profile of a Petromall Associate is as follows

  • Driven by ethics
  • Recognised as an expert in their field
  • Has extensive senior industry experience comprising:-
    • Management and team leadership
    • Project delivery, involving innovation where appropriate
    • Strategy development and delivery
    • Decision-making
  • Is committed to the transfer of their understanding, using excellent communication skills.